Lazy Parenting Confession

I genuinely believe that we mothers feel the need to keep on top of things all the time. We view ourselves as the fuel that keeps the family going, a juggler keeping multiple balls in the air. We can be looked on in awe by some or regarded as a basic clown by others.


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Tantrums, disciplining and trying to avoid a parent malfunction

...I could finally resonate with something Kate Middleton has to deal with; a misbehaving toddler. It made me realise that even with the help of nannies and a privileged lifestyle; parents will always experience the same challenges that come with raising a little, unhinged human... This inspired me to search for other priceless photos that give us civilians a way to witness the different parenting styles our celebrity friends adopt when their child goes nuclear...


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The Hold

I swear you my hand dear baby; hold tight, you’re growing in a world that’s not always right. You’ll have times when you’ll want to give up on it all, there’s no shame in failure, find strength from the fall. Watch for a twist when the path appears straight, try not to panic, take stock…


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A Parents Heart

The deep and sharp emotions I feel today will pass. Writing this has helped. The leaden blur will soon disperse allowing a new filter to take its place. My sombre heart will recuperate when the physical pain ends and in the meantime, I will take comfort in knowing my secondary little wholesome heart is happily beating elsewhere.


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I could never be like you

On reflection, I wish I had mustered the energy to discuss further, to re-open the intermittent debate we have on this topic. Because like so many said before, it was a comment that creates self consciousness and doubt for people who are (finally) accepting and learning to love their body.


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No Shame in this Mama’s bottle feeding game

Now that I'm a little older and a little wiser. I really don't feel that it makes a difference how a woman chooses to sustain her baby. I'm a supporter of feeding your baby any way you need (or want) to feed your baby. This is a cause like many other causes that women should be supporting each other in. I see a lot of very negative and very aggressive remarks between women talking about mothers should be feeding their babies & I really feel like the women of the world in general should be supporting each other; especially mothers. Mother's should be supporting each other in decisions like this without a doubt.

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